Empowering the Student Experience with IT in 2023

College student working at computer

As we navigate through 2023, the digital landscape keeps evolving, and Information Technology in higher education continues to play a more significant role. As a former University CTO and now the SVP of Sales at RahRah, I witnessed first-hand how IT can help transform the student experience. In this post, I’ll discuss the critical role […]

Taming the Wild West of AI in EdTech: A thoughtful approach

Robot with its hand to its head and finger pointing at its temple while half of its body looks like it's floating away in small pieces

As a former university CIO, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact of technology on Higher Education and beyond. That’s more evident than ever before, with companies like OpenAI, Nvidia, and Unlearn having us all rethink what’s possible.

Drivestream: Celebrating our Premier Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner

We’re excited to announce that global management and IT consulting firm Drivestream has become the first company to achieve Platinum Tier status in our Deployment Partner Program. Renowned for its innovative strategies in transitioning organizations to the cloud and delivering exceptional support and service, Drivestream now stands as RahRah’s preferred deployment partner.   Our shared […]

Introducing RahRah’s new brand and website

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RahRah is kicking off 2023 with a new look and a new website! But we didn’t just update our logo and brand colors. We thoughtfully reflected on our past and where we want to go from here. If you have a few minutes, I’d love to hear your feedback.   How we got started We […]

The only way to build software that makes an impact… partner!

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There is one word I’ve heard time and again over the last 10 years of my professional career working in Higher Ed and EdTech… “vendor.” ‘A person or company offering something for sale, a trader in the streets’ as defined in the dictionary. Interesting definition. This word is traditionally used between customers and providers to […]

5 (startup) life hacks for Student Affairs professionals

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When we think about specialized fields of work, our minds often go first to places like laboratories, vast engineering initiatives, hospitals, or somewhere thereabout. But at RahRah, we spend most of our week working with highly specialized workers who rarely touch calculus, code, or chemistry. Student Affairs professionals often pursue multiple degrees to gain the […]

It’s time to consolidate Higher Ed Student apps

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In college, students often learn that diversity, difference, and decentralization are good things. Finance professors urge students to diversify their assets. Education researchers know that racially and economically integrated school districts demonstrate higher academic achievement. Nutrition students learn that a balanced diet and exercise routine promotes health. It goes without saying that college campuses, too, […]

See you at EDUCAUSE 2019!

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EDUCAUSE 2019, happening Oct 14–17 in Chicago, is just around the corner… we hope you are as excited as we are! We look forward to meeting the leaders that are paving the way for innovation in higher education, networking with industry thought-leaders, and sharing demos of our Student Life System with you. As first-time attendees, […]

What do Student Affairs and a Microsoft Excel Sheet have in common?

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Right now, armies of analysts across the U.S. are currently investigating a group of Americans that might not be able to drink, vote, or even drive. Gen Z — those born after 1995 — has begun to arrive on college campuses in force. It goes without saying that these young adults differ significantly from Millennials […]

Why we’re using design thinking to develop our Student Life System

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With each passing year, the EdTech industry is proving more and more innovative and exciting. Countless developers, companies, and organizations are putting together some pretty out-there ideas to solve issues in education. Students at a growing number of campuses can do everything from pay for a meal to check out a library book with their […]