We started Rah Rah because we remember how challenging it was to find our way on campus.

While student affairs teams have done tremendous work to transform the programming, services, and opportunities available on campus, student life technology hasn’t kept up. That’s where Rah Rah comes in.

But student life doesn’t just need a new tool – it needs a new tool that students and administrators–alike–will love, adopt, and use on a daily basis. So rather than building blindly, we’ve partnered with students and administrators nationwide to design, develop, test, and continuously improve our Community Engagement System.

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Who we are

College is the time to discover passions, expand perspective, and set yourself up for success. It is also overwhelming — adjusting to a new way of living in a foreign environment, all on your own. That’s why Rah Rah puts campus resources and programs in one place, making life on campus more accessible, discoverable, and connected.


If this resonates with you, we’d love to have you on our team!

Our Team

Headshot Portrait – Cooper Jones

Cooper Jones

Co-founder and CEO
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Headshot Portrait – Sam Allen

Sam Allen

Co-founder and CTO
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Headshot Portrait – Nate Somayaji

Nate Somayaji

Strategy Director
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Headshot Portrait – Shan Liu

Shan Liu

Product Design Director
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Headshot Portrait – Thomas Connors

Thomas Connors

VP of Engineering
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Headshot Portrait – Scott Magino

Scott Mangino

Head of Product
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Headshot Portrait – Josh Monica

Josh Monica

SVP, University Partnerships
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Headshot Portrait – Cali Tabilas

Cali Tabilas

Full-Stack Developer
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Headshot Portrait – Greg Sawchuck

Greg Sawchuk

Product Designer
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