Student life, simplified.

Our first-of-its-kind student life system (SLS) makes campuses more accessible, discoverable, and connected, so your students can make the most of their time at school.

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Help students find their way

College is the time to discover passions, expand perspective, and set yourself up for success. It is also overwhelming — adjusting to a new way of living in a foreign environment, all on your own. That’s why Rah Rah puts your campus in one place, and at your students’ fingertips.

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The key to student success

Our mobile app unlocks everything your campus has to offer for your students, allowing them to design the lives they want.

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Schedule, all in one place

Students can easily book appointments and fitness classes, sign up for rec leagues, and find co-curricular events with a single tap.

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See happenings in real time

Campuses are abuzz with activity and filled with opportunity, and our dynamic heat maps give students full visibility into the vast offerings.

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Find your passions

Our curated student feeds give personalized recommendations for clubs and events based on interests, so students can discover and pursue what they love.

Product / Administration Portal

Empower your administration

Improve student life on campus with our administrator platform that helps you really understand your students’ needs and wants, and fulfill them.

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Connect with your students

Our content-management suite provides a direct channel to your students for campus-wide messaging, curating content, and promoting community events.

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Streamline student services

Boost efficiency and effectiveness with this tool that digitizes and consolidates key campus workflows into one, organized place.

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Meet your students where they need you

The real-time analytics dashboard enables you to have true insight into your student population, so you can create the programming they really want.

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We want students to create their most enriching lives on campus.

The Rah Rah team is excited to be on this journey of making campuses more connected and students more empowered. We started Rah Rah because we remember how challenging it was to find our way on campus, and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to find what makes them happy and engaged.

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Cooper Jones
Co-Founder & CEO

Sam Allen
Co-Founder & CTO

Nate Somayaji
Strategy Director

Shan Liu
Product Design Director

Thomas Connors
VP of Engineering

Scott Mangino
Head of Product

If you believe student life technology can be better and want to be a part of it, join our team.

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